Not Giving Up On Love chords
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A E (2x) 
A E Ab G 

Verso 1: 
C Em 
I know you're feeling restless 
D Bm 
Like life's not on your side 
C Em D Bm 
It's weighing heavy on your mind 

C Em 
But when we stand united 
D Bm 
Our hearts, they beat in time 
C Em D Bm 
And I know we'll make it all alright 

C Em D 
Let's bring it back to you and me 
Bm C 
There's no one else around 
Em Dm 
Now don't get lost in gravity 
'Cause I want you to 

C Em 
Hold me now 
Nothing else matters 
It's just the two of us 
C Em 
And if it all falls down 
Nothing else matters 
I know we're strong enough 
I'm not giving up 
G Em Bm 
I'm not giving up on us 
I said I'm not giving up 
G Em 
I'm not giving up on love 

Verso 2: 
We're of the same existence 
No lock without a key 
We can't deny it's meant to be 

'Cause I feel it inside 
Take me over tonight 
I'll be there when the storm is breaking 

In this moment I'm yours 
And you can always be sure 
That together we're gonna make it 
So baby, won't you